A Number of Updates

So after a week here at Parsons I've finally found the the time to update! It's been an interesting week so far. First of all, I have never walked so much in my life. I just wanted to get that out of the way. Welcome Weekend was fun, but these past few days I've gone out and explored the island with my camera. I think I should work on "socializing" a bit more, but honestly it's such a weird environment! I'm waiting for time to work the kinks out.

Before I left both Andreas Gursky and Topologies by Edgars Martins came. It's very interesting that I've ordered them together because although they both work large format, Martins doesn't touch his work while Gursky edits the crap out of them digitally. Me? I'm more of a Martins guy. But I have to say the Gursky book definately opened by eyes and helped me appreciate his work. I love books like these that go deep into the process of the photographer. I haven't gone to college yet but I'm betting these are some of the best textbooks available. I know I've learned a lot from them.

Sponser a young photographer's education: Buy him this book!

Steidl, (the same people who just re-released The Americans) released Wake by Adam Jeppesen with beautiful pictures inside. All I've seen so far are the online spreads, but once I can afford it I'm ordering right away. Best part: pictures made in "backwoods of Finland". I'm sorry but, isn't all of Finland considered "backwoods"?

(beautiful cover)

** As an aside, why are all of my favorite bands either sold out or too expensive? (And when people got in for free, why didn't they ask me to come!?) Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Sigur Ros. It's all a stab in the chest. Next thing I know Beirut will have a show in NYC and there will be no tickets left for me.

As for the work I've been doing, you can see a limited sampling of *crap shots* on flickr. (I really don't like them anymore) But otherwise, you'll have to wait till I get them developed. I'm actually using film now! Hurah!

Surprise, surprise.

Yes, I gotta medium format. Now I can be all professional and ish. I think that's it. I've been really conversative with my film. I'd walk for hours but only take two to five shots a day. Whereas digital might be 70 shots? Crazy huh. I need a lightmeter. And I need to focus. I've been pretty philosophically abut my photography lately. I really have to get stuff done this year. See you again when classes start.

** Um, we have phase 1 digital backs available for rental. Hell yes!

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