the word so far.

Thanks, blogger, for erasing my entire post. Condensed version:

quote I like: not how I work by any means, but admirable and interesting

To simply see what something(s) looks like: the light, the space, the relationship (visual) between the distances, the air, the tones, the rhythms, the texture, the contrasts, the shape of movement… the things themselves… not what they might mean later, not socially, not politically, not psychologically, not sexually (a cigar is not even yet a cigar).

Not to name, label, evaluate, like, hate; no memory or desire. Just to see.

This is the hardest thing to do, but that’s all that can be photographed. The camera records the light emitted from the surface of that which is placed within its field of view.

P e r i o d.

To experience the meaning of what is. To stay with it for even a few seconds is no small task. The sound of voice without language, a musical line, a ceramic vessel, a non-objective painting. The presence of it, the weight of it, the miracle of its existence, of my existence. The mystery of the fact itself.

Maybe it’s the second law of infinity where you keep going halfway there forever. Cutting in half to eternity, and ‘grace’ is needed to jump the gap. I keep taking pictures hoping something will help me across.

- - Philip Perkis
Teaching Photography – Notes Assembled
OB Press-2001

I would love his book, but couldn't justify spending the fifty dollars when I'm already buying a twenty five dollar book.

Just found out I love Katy Grannan's pictures. The Westerns is some of her newer work from an exhibition in January of 08'.

I spent all day today outlining my new long term project for school. I'm not totally happy with the idea, honestly, but I'm going to try working with it since the topic resonates with me and thus makes it easier to work.

I'm also going to try and do some portraits now. I've been wasting too much time. Time to buy some fabric! Although I love diaries and journals, I'm tired of my photography being a product of where I've been and what I've been doing. It's too casual right now.

I know I haven't developed a style yet but I at least have the aesthetics figured out in my head, finally allowing me to go shoot instead of think. It's about time.

Finally have my lightmeter. I bought an amazing little bag for my lenses, too. Looks like it's Hassie time.

On a happier note: Obama's president!!wooho!!

PS: This book is beautiful.

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