Parsons 2012?

So far that's what it looks like. They gave me a $30.5k scholarship which covers most of the tuition, minus a few thousand. Expensive. I'm working on a scholarship right now which hopefully if I win ( and work my ass off ) I will half my cost for the first year. Pipe dreams? We're going to really see what i'm made of when the time comes.

Thankfully this easter I was able to go out with Eman to do some pictures. We went draining (well, sort of) and came back with some interesting pictures. I like them, but theyre not spectacular by any means. I'm going to have to look through my notes and see if there is a shoot I can do pretty soon. I really need to kick it into a higher gear. Yada yada.

I'm also hoping this summer I can land a photography job. Maybe weddings. Assistant? Problem is they most all require a beter camera than I have (D300, anyone?), so until I find $1800 on the street I think I'll be SOL unless I can work something out.

So in short: be my model, buy me a camera, and pay for the rest of my college. =)

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