I Love This Man & Other Things

Edward Burtynsky. I love this man. How could I love... what's the word, someone so - so...Canadian? It's not too hard. If you haven't already checked out his work, (which is completely understandable, im sure hes on your list of people with names ending in 'sky' and you just haven't gotten to him yet) I would strongly suggest taking a peek (a long peek) at his site I'll list at the bottom of this post. Very classic stuff. In fact I'm going to feature a few of my favorite shots, so unless you're quick on the back button you've already seen them.

Back to reality. I came upon his pictures while cleaning out 300 gigabytes worth of crap. I'm reformatting tomorrow, by the way. Gonna be running a tight ship in college. I didn't really intend on posting tonight but I wanted to post about this guy before Windows ate him somehow.

Mmm, smell that? It's the smell of fresh Canadian Photography. Smells like pine. (that is what Canada smells like, right?)

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