Ryan Mcginley Does Sigur Ros


Last night when I was finding every excuse not to sleep I remembered reading about Heima, an attempt by Sigur Ros at those usually pretty shitty tour films. From what I've heard it is pretty amazing, and consequently is being shipped by some anonymous cd retailer to my house right now. ( It took me awhile to find the speacial edition) I could have ordered it off of Amazon but I really wanted the booklet with tour photographs that came along with the special edition. I'm hoping the quality is decent and it's a book I can keep around and it's not just some lousy pamphlet. 

"'heima' is sigur rós's first ever film, filmed over two weeks last summer when the band undertook a series of free, unannounced concerts in iceland. they hauled 40-plus people round 15 locations to the furthest flung corners of their homeland for their debut venture into live film, to create something, well, inspirational."

I'm really looking forward to this film not only as an insight into the band, but also beautiful Iceland in which it was filmed. The film is peppered with interviews and a second disc full of live performances, so it should keep me entertained. If anyone is interested they are also releasing accompanying promo cds with acoustic renditions of some of their earlier songs and five totally new ones.  

Back to the title of this post. While I was browsing their website I just realized they realized their new album all the way back in June! Then it finally came to me. I remembered seeing the music video for gobbledigook awhile ago, which while directed by Arni&Kinski, was a collaberation with one of my favorite photographers, Ryan Mcginley (which is plain to see by the style of the video).

Rather than focusing on the video, (which gets a little repetitive after three minutes) I want to feature some of Mcginley's work from "I Know Where The Summer Goes." He also did some work on Morrisey live shows if youre into that, and an Oscars Portfolio for NYTimes Magazine.  


Watch the video.

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