Farewell scenic highway overpass.

You know, I don't think I've ever heard about anyone singing about shyness, and I like that Jens Lekman at least took the step.  I'm listening to "Black Cab" right now. It's sad to imagine at one point in my life I used to be that awkward and quiet. (Don't tell me I still am!) Attention, ladies and gentlewomen, this is Jack speaking. Wonderful voice, and clever lyrics too. Get happy touchy feely with this guy sometime.

I just finished editing about four more pictures of the family reunion. Instead of a white, seamless white roll I had to rig up a white wrinkly tarp. Although I did like the light texture it added, I had to tone it down a lot in photoshop. It's been really tedious. I can't wait until I have an assistant later in life or an out of house retouching studio that can do the mundane work for me. Barring shortcomings such as only one flash and the wrinkly tarp, I think they turned out decently. I wasn't able to get many smaller groups of three or four like I originally intended. A lot of the larger group shots (twelve or so) are shoddy pictures, except in the family keepsake sense. I tried to balance my artistic intentions with the needs of the families, but in the end I could have used a bit more organization. Oh well!

Lotta test shots and what-not.

And beer.

  I originally intended for the family reunion to be an entire project, but the whole endeavor never reached that far in the end. Now that I'm mostly done with that, I want to do a seperate summer project in order to rally some moral boosting photos for myself. This way, when I'm looking outside of my window thinking about taking pictures, I'll at least have a purpose to bring me there. I'd say 90% of photography is just being there. No one ever took a picture sitting inside with their camera on the shelf.

I got my roommates names and emails today. Ive been trying to get ahold of them, but no luck so far. So here we go,NYC, here I come. Please don't crush my dreams <3

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