Check this shit out! First thing we do when we lug it in the door and hook it up - "LET'S BOIL WATER!"

So we got out a huge pot and put it on our "power heater". This shot was taken with the light out and lit only by flash. I put it in TTL and fired off camera left with my SB-800. That way I got a nice shot of the smoke. CLS worked really well here, I'm impressed.

Boiling baby, because you know, all water is blue. (I just had to mess around with it)

My stove has quite a rack.

Art-fag shot of the grill. (Yes, it's actually in focus, except I was too lazy to get my flash for most of these so it was shot at 1.8 and probably a shaky shutter speed. I don't think I sharpened any of these except the first one. Eh.

See above.

Anyway, that was the first time I've shot in days. I got so excited it reminds me how much i love taking pictures. I haven't had a chance, all I've been doing is school and sleep. I have a four day weekend coming up though, I'm looking foward to getting some nice shots before then. This break is also COLLEGE RESEARCH BREAK. Bigtime, I have to get my facts straight before it's too late.

Anyway, I've decided to be reading more. It'd be a very neat idea to base some photography concepts on books, but we'll see. Maybe soon you'll see a picture named "The Same Deep Water As You", a Cure song shot I've been trying to do for a long time...

Anyway, I plan on reading King Leopold's Ghost after reading Heart Of Darkness. I'm really interested in colonial Africa. Also, after Africa, (or along with it), I want to read a biography of Napoleon. It's amazing so interesting and legendary a man is completely unknown to me. That's all. =)

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  1. Anonymous September 13, 2007 at 7:53 AM

    i love that you're so excited over a new stove! it looks lovely, by the way.

    you should listen to the cure's disintegration and make an entire picture book based on its content. i believe it's one of the most brilliant albums ever recorded.

    -jessie :)

  2. Fleurette September 19, 2007 at 7:22 PM

    Speaking of books, for some reason these photos reminded me of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or possibly just a really small "hole in the wall" type apartment in NY. Lol, and I like the commentary, "My stove has quite a rack." :P Hmm, it'd be interesting to see whole set of kitchen related photos, like a pic of a sad empty little fridge with a few molded fruits and mayonnaise in it. But idk if there's any real meaning in that.