Chapter II

It's eleven o' clock and the night before my orientation for school. I'm looking forward to this school year. It seems I have a lax schedule and might have time for photography/ a job / a life! Tomorrow afterwards I have to write out my cover letter and resume. Hopefully I'll be helping out a photographer as my job. Hopes.

I've realized a lot of my ideas involve clothing and props. That may sound like a plain statement but for the most part that is something I've never had or utilized. Once I get a job I want to start a number of series - I can use the money I have to pay for all of what I need, hopefully.

I'm hoping this year is one of actualization. I'm not satisfied with my photography ( though I never am) because of what it represents; which is currently nothing. I'm hoping I can make some ideas I have come to light and actually have an impact on the viewer. I feel like my pictures are detached non concepts. That's fine sometimes, but I want to change it up. I want meaning.

Right now I am trying to learn flash. I'm going to be trying to participate with the Lighting 102 assignment this time. MAYBE I can actually get some decent out of this. I'm pretty excited because this post of David's was on my "to-learn" list, so that works out.

Since I dont think I can save any of them easily here I am going to post two extra posts after this one. They'll be pictures, like the last. I want to connect with photographers and watch them more on flickr since I've upgraded. Hopefully I can order some prints. =)

I'm going to cut this post short because I forgot my original intention. Oh. I was going to talk about how this feels like the start of a second chapter for me. Start of senior year, hopefullyyyy... and interesting job, time for projects, money for it! I'm excited. Don't have much time now though, going to head to sleep and then early tomorrow for orientation.

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  1. jahnia h. September 11, 2007 at 4:59 PM

    no one is ever satisfied with their own work :)

    oh i have something you might be intrested i'll message it to you on the "space"