Avedon, Kiraly and Me

It's cold outside. I finally decided to update this little thing not with details of a new shoot, as I've hoped, but I'll let other photographers be interesting this time. I was looking through my feed earlier today when one of my blogs linked to Iosif Kiraly's site, a Romanian photographer who likes doing panographies. I didn't see why they were necessary in his others works, but in Reconstructions they work perfectly.  


I really need to make my own template for this blogger business. These premade ones are way too limiting. Rant rant. Anyway, this summer at my family reunion I want to do an Avedon style portrait of everyone there and blow up a whole bunch of prints at the end... it'll be nice I think.

Another photographer I wanted to mention was Mikhael Subotzky. I remember reading the feature on him in one of my first issues of Aperture. Personally I think they could have picked better pictures for the issue, because the ones online blew me away. In keeping with the long horizontal shots, Subotzky has a few large panoramas and even some 360 ones. Check out Die Vier Hoeke, but also look at the later projects. I like the continuity between his projects.  Anyway, check it out.


Whew, for a blog post that was incredibly lazy. I need to actually focus on the writing and what I'm even saying here. Be back soon with real content =)

* Someone remind me to redo the color scheme on my header.

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