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Maybe. This is my count for my college pictures for my Parsons Challenge project. Technically it's only 3 pictures, but some are diptychs, so they'll just have to like it. My main problem with this project is I feel all of the pictures are so mediocre, they aren't packing the punch I want them to have. They may end up illustrating a point, but altogether it will seem like something a high school student threw together. I guess that's the true part.

I'm not sure if I'll ever reveal the actual project. There isn't enough of myself in it. This week I will be working on two conceptual images, which I can describe as Frailty and a sort of mechanically induced despondent state;there are better words, but I'm writing this before bed. Both of these require models, but the last image is the only one I truly consider a portrait. I'll also have to figure out how to get that last shot. It isn't necessarily hard, it's just I haven't prepared in advance for the shoot. Somehow the project ended up getting very airy and philosophical, but that's just me I guess.

I'll leave you with a reject picture from that night I am not using. This was as "dynamic" as I could make a bridge, but I decided to replace dynamics with speed and use a different, more cliche image for speed. I also used a different picture of the bridge that's still in the vaults based on the strong composition.

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