Whatever Becomes of Us...

It's hard to think sixty-five days have gone by, but they have. I won't consider this summer a victory really, I didn't get half as much done as I had wanted to. Lack of effort? No. Lack of planning, really. I didn't know the half of it.

I keep wondering when it's all going to take off. I plan things for myself, and say, "this is the summer"- the Summer turned into "this is the month", that turned into "The week" (This week, since Saturday). Maybe there will be a day I take fifty great pictures better than any I've taken before. Sounds right, I guess? I suppose what I'm leading to is the simple fact that change doesn't happen that fast. Does it? It seems most of me believes in an adamant No, but I guess time will have to tell. I do know I am getting better though. The simple fact of me trying has slowly helped me improve and understand photography more. I'm actually applying concepts I've known about six months ago. It's not as bad as I make it seem.

This picture epitomizes what I love to do. When you think of it, I'm not a professional yet. I feel like my entire life is a movie. I wish to make it that. I love being with friends, just being there, and able to make pictures; moments that seem suspended in time, like driving in the dark as the street lights pour over you and streak through the windshield. Time will slow down and you're able to reflect over the simple fact that you are alive and living this "scene".

There have been so many days I feel like I've wasted. I keep driving looking for pictures, but I guess that isn't the way to find them. My next plan is to just GO someplace and walk around for a bit. What I've been really wanting is a nice secluded beach, woods, field, but all I've found is people in New Jersey. Bit annoying sometimes. I've been brainstorming a sheet of concepts a day this week so I'll always have ideas for shoots. I can't wait to actualize some of the bigger ( more expensive) ideas I have. I'm saving those for when I feel I can handle the lighting. Hopefully soon I will get to do some model shoots as well, I find fashion photography to be a great area.

I realize now is also the time for college. I need to find a good one! Ideally I want to live on the West Coast. That's just an idea, more actually a gut feeling. I think it makes sense I go to college where I later plan to live. (Speaking of, not really looking forward to New York, I don't know why, I just don't feel as attracted to the city) On the East Coast is SVA, Parsons, FIT, RIT, blah blah. We'll see. I'd go to Art Center but I'm not a millionaire. I'm really hoping my photography teacher in this is actually good. I've never really had anyone but myself to learn, so I'm hoping I can get some direction or help somehow. Also I think I'd benefit from assignments.

Not sure how often I will be updating this. Not daily. Being as I have no clue what audience will be reading this, we'll see.

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  1. Fleurette August 21, 2007 at 12:33 AM

    Its funny, cause it seems like any day something huge will come from you. Its good to know that you're getting better. Maybe this summer was a product of your youth or lack of previous growth. Maybe next summer will be better, or this winter or possibly Thursday, cause Thursdays are filled with opprotunities. In any case, its good that you're taking a different approach, going someplace and walking around a bit. Maybe your eyes weren't open enough before.

  2. John Wenson August 24, 2007 at 7:34 AM

    if you're looking to go to an art school (in stead of a conventional college with math and English and all that pointless crap), you can try looking on artschools.com which gives you a listing of a lot of different schools depending on what you want as far as you major and degree, and what area you want to go to.
    or maybe more specifically theres http://www.art-photography-schools.com/
    which i haven't been on too much, but it might help a bit more since it seems you only wanna do photography, whereas other art schools may require you to take classes in a few different fields.
    but next time you're at Amanda's maybe you can talk to me about college stuff, because i've been looking into a LOT of art schools, both here in the east, out on the west coast, and everything in between and have been doing a bit of research on a wide variety of them.
    hope i helped =)

  3. Emily September 2, 2007 at 10:55 PM

    i really love that photo of me and Eman playing cards. maybe its the ridiculous size of the cards, the random comb and my facial expression, but the lighting it great. I like that you live for these moments and are able to capture them beautifully : )